This new Wellcome Trust conference will focus on understanding the links between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. With the Down syndrome population now approaching eight million, it is important to understand the nature and cause of the AD-like dementia that can occur in this disease. Our aim is to understand dementia in Down syndrome at the neurological, cognitive, behavioural, cellular and genetic levels, which will also inform our general understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.

This multi-disciplinary meeting will focus on the development of biomarkers for early diagnosis of dementia in Down syndrome, the biochemical and cellular characteristics that differentiate those who will develop dementia from those who are protected, the genetics of behavioural and cognitive phenotypes seen in Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome, and stem cell approaches to therapies for dementia. Panel discussions will be arranged on aspects of clinical studies in Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome.

Registration Deadline:
30 August 2014


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