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  Rat Genomics and Models 2012

3-6 December 2012

The Møller Centre, Cambridge, UK

Registration now closed


The 2012 Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences/Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory conference on Rat Genomics and Models will focus on the use of the rat (Rattus norvegicus) as a model for studying the etiology of complex diseases in humans, including hypertension, diabetes, renal failure, cancer and others.  The scientific sessions will be organized based on disease and/or technology focus and the participants will present data generated using a broad array of genetics- and genomics-based approaches and disease models. 


Considerable attention will also be focused on the generation and annotation of an updated assembly of the rat reference genome, as well as on the relationship between genetic variation identified through whole genome sequencing of multiple inbred rat strains and disease and/or molecular phenotypes. 


Owing to building work to expand the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre at Hinxton the conference will be held at the Møller Centre, Churchill College – part of the historic University of Cambridge.


Scientific Organisers:
Edwin Cuppen Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands,
Norbert Hubner
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany
Anne Kwitek
University of Iowa, USA 
James Shull University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Invited Speakers:

Tim Aitman Imperial College London, UK
Jim Amos-Landgraf University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Ignacio Anegon Université de Nantes, France
Michael Bader Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany
Paul Flicek EMBL-EBI, UK
Jonathan Flint Oxford University, UK
Mike Flister Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

Michael Gould University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Victor Guryev Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands
Rikard Holmdahl Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Judith Homberg University Medical Center St Radboud Nijmegen, The Netherlands 
Maja Jagodic Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Jaap Koolhaas University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Matthias Mann Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Germany
Enrico Pettreto MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, UK
Austin Smith University of Cambridge, UK
Birger Voigt Kyoto University, Japan

Abstract submission is strongly encouraged as several talks will be selected from abstracts

The conference will start in the afternoon of Monday 3 December, and close at approximately 12.00 on Thursday 6 December 2012.

Registration and Accommodation

Registration and Accommodation 
The registration packages include registration and meals but not accommodation.
If you require accommodation please visit for information on accommodation in Cambridge.
For student accommodation please visit Churchill College's website the college is opposite the Moller Centre, approx. 5 minute walk.

Registration fees:


No Accommodation 



No Accommodation 



No Accommodation  


Registeration now closed
Abstracts and Posters
Please ensure that you follow the abstract guidelines and upload your abstract during registration.
If you are not ready to up-load your abstract at the time of registration, please e-mail your abstract document to Jemma on no later than 22 October 2012.

Poster boards onsite will accommodate 118 cm high by 84 cm wide (A0- portrait) of printed material. Accepted abstracts will appear in the conference programme book and poster boards will be allocated at the conference.

Abstract deadline: closed.

We would like to acknowledge the generous support from the following organisations:



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